3d point Tophat StNi


This point is specifically designed for shooting at 3d targets. due to the shape of the point, your Arrow wil penetrate the target easier and is less likely to deflect. the point has a coating of Nickel to prevent rust

This is a screw on point. You don't t need to sharpen your shafts anymore, just screw the point onto the shaft until the end of the screw-thread.

Because the point goes over the shaft the Arrow is a little bit thicker at the point. this reduces friction when removing your arrow's from the target.

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  • Effective shape
  • Layer of nickel to prevent rust
  • Availlable in 11/32 and 5/16
  • available in several weights

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11/32 125 gn, 11/32 100 gn, 11/32 80 gn, 5/16 100 gn, 5/16 70gn

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