antler tab


The antler tabs by the Wood-Burr Workshop are high quality premium tabs and are handmade in the United Kingdom

Deze tabs zijn gemaakt van gewei wat voor een prachtige traditonele look zorgt.
To make the perfect traditional archery tabs cordovan leather is used. This makes for an incredibly durable tab with a slick release. To enhance shooting comfort the second layer is made from suede. To attach the tabs to your hand there is a elastic cord with a cord lock.

Available for left and righthanded archers with or without spacer in an either split finger or three under configuration. The sizes available are M and L. Whatever style you shoot, there is always a tab that suits your needs! The leather of the tabs can be cut to give you a more custom fit to your fingers. This can be done with a pair of sharp scissors or knife. How much to cut really depends on how and where you hold the string. We recommend using the tab for a while and then decide if you want to trim the tab or not to make sure you have the perfect fit and know where to cut

  • Made from antler
  • Cordovan leather for durability and a slick release
  • Suede inner layer for more comfort while shooting
  • Handmade
  • Made from natural materials
  • Available in split finger or three under configuration
  • Available with and without a spacer
  • Available in sizes M and L
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