Gera bows Mark Deluxe


The Mark Deluxe is the longbow by Gera Bows

Forgiving, fast and stable are words that describe the Mark delux perfectly

This longbow has narrow limbs with a slightly wider handle which makes this bow fast but extremely calm and stable during your shot

Because all of the bows by Gerabows are hand made, the specific woodtype is different in each bow, this means every Mark eluxe is unique!

The limbs are made of Maple and are on both sides laminated with powerglass. The maple is covered with a walnut-veneer which gives this longbow a chic appearance

about Gera Bows
Gera bows is a brand specialized in traditional bows.
These bows are handmade with the best materials.
every modern Gera Bow has a medallion which represents the authenticity and quality
every single bow is signed by the bowyer
All bows come with a standard 1 year warranty


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-Lengte: 58 inch
material: different for each bow
Limbs, Maple with clear powerglass and walnut-veneer
Draw weights: 25-50lbs
Included: Dacron string with silencers, string keerper and a bowsleeve


Additional information


Lefthanded, Righthanded

Draw Weights

25lbs, 30lbs, 35lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs, 50lbs

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