P.O. Cedar Shafts 5-16 Premium 30 Inch


Port Orford Cedar arrows and shafting have played an important role in the history or archery. It is with good reason that these arrows have been the number one choice of so many legendary archers through the years. For instance, one of the greatest archers of all time, Howard Hill, insisted on using only Port Orford Cedar for his best target and bowhunting arrows. Bearpaw Products and Rose City Archery are committed to making these amazing wooden arrows of the highest quality available to all archers again! There are two important reasons for the archers of today to make the choice to shoot wooden arrows, even though there are so many other modern and artificial materials available. The passion and love they have for arrows made of real natural wood


Natural product
When a Port Orford cedar tree is pocessed into shafting it is very difficult to get many premium quality safts that are 32" long. For that reason there is often more demand than there is supply. Rose City Archery will supply us with 32" premium quality cedar shating when they can, but the quantities will be limited and the price will be higher than it is on our 30" cedar shafting. If you need the longer arrows, it is a good idea to order them right away. There may be a wait, and they may be more costly, but they will be worth it.

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  • Diameter: 5/16 Inch
  • Spine Weights: < 30 lbs lbs – 50 lbs
  • Length: 32 inches


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30-35lbs, 35-40lbs, 40-45lbs, 45-50lbs

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